My favorite way to eat seafood

Cioppino is my favorite dish to make. It’s healthy, easy and the result is impressive. Make it for family, friends or your date. Then thank me. Or, if you’re like me tonight, you feel like seafood and dicking around with some flavors. Cioppino looks and tastes complicated, but it’s really simple to make. Best of all, the ingredients you use are largely up to you.

There are two components to cioppino: seafood and and a tomato based sauce. That’s it. You can use whatever seafood you like. You can use various types of stock. Season it however the hell you like. Add some white wine or don’t. You could even add additional proteins like beef or poultry (don’t).

When I make my version, I don’t go to the grocery store with a plan, I go with an idea: I look to find what’s fresh. Sometimes you need to improvise. I wanted cod, clams and calamari. They weren’t available in the two stores I hit up unless I wanted to buy the frozen shit in the box. That’s a no-no. I substituted them with lobster claws, mahi-mahi and tiger shrimp.

Bummer, huh.

All told I had muscles, scallops, two kinds of shrimp, mahi-mahi and lobster. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s really not expensive. For $13 I bought enough seafood to feed two, easy.

Then the broth. Stewed tomatoes, homemade chicken stock, white wine, oregano, bay leaves, onion, garlic and butter.

I started with this:

…ate this…

…was left with this…

This dish is a blast to eat.

…and the look on my face when it was done was similar to this…

The Best Way to Get Over Someone

In the interest of brevity, I’m gonna skip all the bullshit and get straight to it: crushes are awesome. Seriously, if you don’t have one you’re missing out. You should probably have more than one. Hell, get ten.

Over the past year and a half, it’s become painfully obvious how awesome it is to have someone legit in that on-deck circle. When rejection or apathy or reality set-in, there has been no better way to ditch the agony and sorrow than the thought of someone new.

Out with the old, in with the…yea, you get the point.

In high school and early in college I was terrible when it came to the end of a relationship. Weeks of moping, hopes of reconciliation, attempts at friendship and the mistake of giving it another shot. Few were worse than just I was at dropping it and moving on.

But then the episode with the long-distance gal happened, logic took over and since that night it’s been incredibly easy to dump a girl from my mind. I allow myself a night of sadness and reflection, a day (maybe two) of being pissed, and then it’s no longer a thing. She isn’t on my mind anymore. By the 3rd day I’m already on to someone else. That wonderful little crush.

Now, crushes need to be cultivated. They need time. You can’t just up and decide, “Alright, now I’m into that girl I was introduced to at the bar last weekend”. You can’t rationalize someone like that being the next great one in your life, and it’s because you don’t know anything about them. You don’t know their story or have any anecdotes or experiences to make you obsess think over. The reason a crush is such an amazing aid to getting over an ex is that there is stuff to dwell on. Stuff that isn’t remotely connected to that person who just kicked your heart in the ass.

It’s happened recently to me, twice. It sucks. But in both cases I was able to bounce back because there was the thought of someone else.

Now, maybe nothing ever materializes with this new crush of yours. It’s quite possible, if not entirely likely. But crushes allow us to hold onto our illusions. They give us the glimmer of hope that what didn’t pan out was best in the long run. That alone makes them worth it.