#77 Paramore – Pressure

#77 – Paramore – Pressure

I got into Paramore the same time I got into bands like Damone, Mickey Avalon and Panic. Back when I had XM and had access to music that didn’t suck, I listened to bands like these every morning on the way to work.

I’ve always had a thing for bands with female fronts. Heart, The Wreckers…Paramore is more of the same. I heard Misery Business and was hooked instantly. But while I love Riot!, their second album, it’s Pressure that I probably love the most. Straight forward, unremarkable, but so so good.

#78 – Prince – When Doves Cry

#78 – Prince – When Doves Cry

Blame this one on my folks. They made a lot of music video tapes for my brother and I when we were kids and this was on most of ’em.

At this point, what can I cay? I love Prince. He’s one of the best musicians the world has ever seen. This is one of those songs that I’ll never get tired of listening to.

But the Internet Nazis have removed the good versions of this video. In its place I offer up an amazing guitar solo. Enjoy.

Guys: would you date a sports fan?

Last week on a board I visit someone posed a question:

All other things being equal…

Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who is drop-dead gorgeous but is uninterested in your team or someone who is pretty and is a huge fan of your team?

The wording and the premise were stupid, but the replies illustrated something I didn’t anticipate: there are men out there that don’t yet understand that having a women around that loves sports is pretty spectacular.

Some responses:

I couldn’t care less if she likes my teams or not.

HELL NO. sports time is me time i dont want no woman annoying me during it

I actually find chicks who like sports annoying.

I’d rather she doesn’t like my team. There’s something about most women trying so hard to watch the sports their husbands/boyfriends love, only to irk them to no end.

Now, there were a good number of guys who get it:

Having another huge fan around would be TIGHT. Plus, you won’t get in trouble for watching the game.

I knew a girl who would fit option B pretty well, she actually had some decent knowledge too. It was pretty awesome, imo, as it is a fun thing to talk about in the relationship.

It’d be pretty sweet to both be crazy hyped up/anxious watching a playoff game and then at halftime just start banging the hell out of each other.

Even if she didn’t know anything, as long as she’s interested I like it. I’ll gladly teach her the rules and whatever else I know. Preferably during the regular season, though.

honestly, women who casually watch sports and are “into it” usually have the best insights when they watch the game. There not wrapped up in the same stuff that guys are. And they pick and choose who they like right away for no reasons i can usually comprehend. That makes it fun.

If you define ‘pretty’ the way I define it, I easily take the sports girl. There are very few girls like that. Very few.

I’ve been lucky. Most of the women I’ve known in the last decade of been sports fans, whether casual or hard-core. One of the few times I dated a non-sports fan my mom was quick to tell me, “Oh Matt, that isn’t going to work” and it didn’t.

The posts above seem to come from two camps: those that think watching sports is SACRED MAN TIME, and everyone else. I fall into the latter category, mainly because in my experience women have made for the best sports fans.

The women in my family could be classified as sports nuts. My mom will go to four Packer games a year, and every playoff game. So do her sisters. She watches every Badger basketball and football game. My folks never miss a Brewer game and make it to Miller park half a dozen times a year. My sister goes even more. The girls I hung with and dated in college are the kind that have season tickets to Badger hockey games. I love sports, but even I’ll only make it to one or two games every season.

But when they don’t go to games? Games are excuses to throw a party, and who doesn’t love a good party. You know who suck at throwing parties? Men. You know who love throwing them? Women.

If I didn’t know women sports fans, I’d spend gamedays alone, on my couch, in the shit I slept in the night before. Sure, I have any number of guys I could call but it probably wouldn’t happen. At least not to the degree that the women in my life make it happen.

They bring over bottles of wine and liquor, not cases of Busch Lite. They shop for good food and will help out in the kitchen. They’re considerate and don’t leave shit sitting around like your guy friends will. If a woman in your social circle likes sports, she’ll bring over other women who like sports, many times single women.

One of my best friends is a pretty girl, married to another friend of mine. One of her biggest passions is college football. She’ll come over to watch the NFL on Sunday and we’ll talk about the national Saturday night games. The depth to which she knows her shit is astounding. It’s attractive as hell. It’s exactly the kind of girl I want to be around with on the regular, one who shares many of my same interests.

So I ask the dudes out there. Why wouldn’t you want to date a woman who shares your love of sports? Is it because you’d rather she want to flip to The Bachelor or Real Housewives? Do you secretly love that shit?

On a typical Tuesday night in June why wouldn’t you want her to instinctively flip to the Brewer game?


This morning I was a machine. Having decided to push my alarm back a half hour to 7:30, I knew that I’d need to make every minute count if I wanted to make it to work in time by 8:00. Here’s what transpired.

7:30 am: Alarm goes off

7:31 am: Shower

7:36 am: Towel off, let the cat out of the laundry room, her punishment for being a carpet picking shit-head at 5:00 am

7:37 am: Boil a pot of water

7:38 am: Get dressed

7:41 am: Begin downloads of five files for work

7:42 am: Preheat car

7:43 am: Salt water, add pasta

7:44 am: In a bowl crack two eggs, grate parmasian cheese, dash of salt

7:45 am: Heat some olive oil in a saute pan

7:46 am: Add four of the completed files to a jump drive, 1.3 GBs

7:47 am: Dice some panceta, add it to the oil, sautee

7:48 am: Whisk egg and cheese mixture

7:49 am: Strain pasta, add it to the pancetta, followed by the egg mixture, mix until the pasta is coated with the eggs and meat. Add the pasta al carbonara to a large coffee mug and grab a fork.

7:51 am: Dishes into the dishwasher, start it

7:52 am: Add the final file to the jump drive

7:53 am: Shoes, jacket, grab the drive and breakfast and out the door

8:00 am: Arrive at work.

Packers lose, 2012

Honestly, this one doesn’t hurt that bad.

Today’s game was a microcosm of everything that the 2011 season was to me: an annoyance. I woke up this morning still drunk, wanting to die, a little hungover and the only reason I made it out of bed before 9:00 am was because of text messages about the game. I was being asked to host the playoff party.

Normally, I love hosting game day parties. I love cooking for others. I can’t remember a single instance where I loved the former this season. Everything about the year seemed like a formality, like there was one possible outcome and unless it was reached the year was a failure. Well, that’s what happened.

It made this season unenjoyable. I didn’t like watching the games. I didn’t read about them after they were done. Now that it’s done, I’m not going to miss it.

I like Video Games, Don’t be an Asshole about it

So one shitty article yesterday lead to another shitty article and then to a (presumably) shitty book and finally one more shitty article.

Read them if you like. None are particularly good. If you feel like reading something good on the subject of woman kicking the shit out of men in our current society, check out this piece in the Atlantic. I’ll have some thoughts on it here at some point soon.

Did you notice the commonality in each of those links? Here, I’ll help:

Fuck You.

Fuck You.

Fuck You.

No, seriously, go fuck yourself.

The hell?

So women are earning more degrees than men. They’re performing better on standardized tests. They take up more of the workforce. 13 of the 15 highest growing job categories are occupied by women.

And it’s because men can’t be torn away from Call of Duty?

I know that it’s easy to think that all men do all day is lounge around in clothes they haven’t washed, eat Cheetos, drink beer and play games, but give me a break. Video games are a hobby. They’re one of many hobbies for many men. And women, who now make up more than 40% of the gaming population. On any given day I come home from my job I love and:

• I cook for myself and others because I’m a really good at it and love making great food.
• I clean, do laundry, pay bills and all the chores a normal adult does.
• I play in one of four sports leagues.
• Attend a weekly poker game with other successful men, most of whom are married with kids.
• I watch TV. Sports, movies, Community and other harmless shit.
• I write a blog.
• I read a book.
• I dick around online.

And on some nights I might play a video game or two. I think I’ve become pretty successful and I turned out this way despite having a video game system since I was five years old and playing regularly since.

I’m not a unique case. Of the friends I talk about games with, none fit the description of lazy shitheads the articles above make you think gamers are. Some have spouses. Some have kids. They’re all successful and intelligent. Gaming to them is simply what it is to me: just another hobby.

Look, I understand that successful women want a successful man. I understand that there are certain secs of society that are driven mad that people are marrying later in life. I know that people need answers for why men haven’t yet adapted to the changing landscape in the last thirty plus years. There are many reasons why and I look forward to exploring that because it absolutely fascinates me. Again, read the piece in the Atlantic

But let’s leave gamers out of it. It’s cheap, lazy and complete shit.

So hey, it’s 2012

Today I was listening to Jim Rome while I drove around town over lunch. A guest he had on, Saints cornerback Jabari Greer, was lamenting how difficult it could be to blog on demand. His observation was profound, particularly when you consider he’s chasing wide receivers around for a living and not typing on a keyboard: you can’t manufacture inspiration, and when it arrives you have to strike while the iron is hot.

It’s something I’ve thought about a good deal. I’ve had no shortage of topics I’ve wanted to write about. I simply haven’t locked myself away and devoted the time. When I have, often I never finish because it’s nearly impossible to turn the rest of the world off for an hour or more. I open Twitter and something else demands my attention.

When I first started writing this blog I’d hit on six to ten thoughts, a couple paragraphs at a time. I’m gonna try and do that again, only keep each blog to one subject at a time, with conciseness in mind. I know that if I don’t, I’ll never complete these on a regular basis.

Consider this my new year’s resolution.