R.I.P. Tony Sly

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He was 41 years old.

I wrote about them and one of their songs here.

One of my favorite concert moments came when after playing a song in their set at First Ave, they asked the crowd what they wanted to hear next. I yelled out “Life Size Mirror” and two seconds later they started playing it.

I met him once, in the mid 2000s. No Use For a Name finished a set and were getting their stuff together back stage. I walked over just to say how much I loved his band. It was a quick, two second handshake but when I left all I could think was I JUST MET TONY SLY.

I’m honestly devastated right now. It sucks to say but there are musicians and artists and when they pass it’s sad but it doesn’t really surprise you. Tony Sly dead at 41 is shocking, and far, far too soon for him to go.