Some last minute Thanksgiving advice

Thanksgiving is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday of the year. Next to the NFL draft, it may just be my favorite day, period. As someone whose two favorite things are cooking and sports, of course it is. Many of my favorite meals and memories have come on this day. From the good (virtually every dinner my late grandpa made), to the disastrous (my mom’s first introduction to a convection oven – R.I.P. good turkey that day) to the horrifying (you made duck, aunt Cindy? REALLY?).

But last year’s Thanksgiving was exceptional, a revelation, a masterpiece. It couldn’t have gone any better and left all of us wondering why we hadn’t thought of it earlier and it was because of two words:

Thanksgiving lunch.

As much as I try and help on Thanksgiving, I’m usually pretty useless; my grandpa used to own the kitchen when he cooked and now my mom’s got it handled. I ask what I can do, I get a shrug and and a shoo. Last year was no different with one exception: my mom had enough of daytime cooking and missing all the good football. She got up at the crack of dawn to put the turkey in. She made sides the night before. She started a loaf of bread in the morning and finished the potatoes when the turkey came out. At 11:30 am. Thanksgiving dinner turned into Thanksgiving all-day buffet. And it was AWESOME.

Guys, I know it’s last minute, but if you have the ability to do so I implore you to give it a shot. You’re going to love grabbing that first plate of turkey and stuffing and settling in to watch Houston vs Detroit at 12:30pm ET. THAT’S STILL MORNING FOR MOST OF YOU GUYS.

And then? Have a nap! Have a drink or two!! Before you know it the Patriots will be playing the Jets and it’ll be time for SECONDS (or thirds, ya’ll).

Anyway, it’s been a great year. I’ve got hella amounts to be thankful for. So, with a deep breath (seriously, this is a big deal), I’m gonna share a recipe that’s been the centerpiece of every (good) Thanksgiving I’ve ever been apart of: my grandpa’s dressing.

It’s always the first thing people go for when the meal starts, particularly the stuffing that comes out of the dead bird’s ass. It’s so good. My family may disagree with me, but I like to think my grandpa would want this recipe shared with others. It’s too good to keep in the family.

Dressing – (20 lb turkey)

3 qts bread crumbs
5 cups chopped celery
3 cups diced onion
1 1/2 tbsp sage
3/4 tbsp salt
3/4 tsp white pepper
1.5 cups butter
2.5 cups chicken broth (3 cubes)

Melt better & sauté onions and celery in it.
Add spices.
Add to bread crumbs & pour the broth over the top. Mix.

Cool stuffing for at least 3 hours before using to stuff turkey.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

Rachel Maddow is the best

Video pretty much speaks for itself.


She’s 100% right, of course. We need Republicans and conservatives to wake up and accept simple things, such as math and science. The country only progresses forward with solutions to serious problems when that happens.

GOP, you’re on the clock.

Election thoughts

I’m in a weird spot with this one and I’ve had a lot of random thoughts on the election since the results were in. I’m not going to try and tie it all together, I’m just going to puke out my thoughts and get it over with.

I’m surprised. I thought Obama would win, I thought he would win big. I didn’t think that we would see the results we did in Congress, however. Tuesday was an incredible day for progressives and if there was a reason for optimism that was it. The Tea Party was hammered and Republicans suffered the consequences and have already made moves towards the center.

Good for Nate Silver. I’m not gonna lie, I only found out about Nate Silver about a week before the election. I found out he’s the person who invented PECOTA and now he was using a similar method to predict elections. I fully understood why he made the predictions he did, and I understood the blowback too. Stat-heads get the same kind of criticism in sports, the field Silver started in. What the controversy did do is put a face to mathematics, science and logic. Look for the mid-terms to be more data driven, less pundit bullshit. It also ruined the career of Karl Rove, so hey, bonus amirite?

The worst from the far right was on full display. It’s difficult for me not to judge conservatives when I turn on Fox News and see morons like Rove and O’Reilly make racist and ignorant statements regarding why they lost the election. When they bemoan the fact that the white male is now the minority in Congress as if that’s a bad thing.

It’s tough to discount the possibility that Republicans are anti-intellectual when they say higher education is to blame for their loss.

Or that their party is largely sexist.

It’s even more difficult to not consider Republican conservatives racist when you see these disgusting tweets.

Look…I know smart, rational conservatives that are neither racist or sexist or anti-intellectual. I don’t know many, but I know they exist. However, the few will always suffer from that perception until the Republican leadership begins to condemn those that destroy their party’s image. Intelligence, compassion and thoughtfulness are not negatives. Science is something to be studied, not shunned. Equal rights for all should be a mandate, not fought. When Boehner, Gingrich and the leadership publicly call out the Fox News morons, racist assholes on Twitter and Michelle Bachmann’s of the world the rest of their party will earn the benefit of the doubt.

I’m not bullish on Obama’s second term. I want to believe that we’ll now see the liberal we thought we elected four years ago. I want to believe that he won’t be pushed around or compromise the way he was in his first term. I want to believe that because he won’t have to worry about running again he can legislate with a sense of urgency and abandon.

But the truth is it doesn’t matter without help from Congress. They filibustered every last piece of legislation brought about them in Obama’s first term. It wasn’t about doing right for their constituants; it had everything to do with making Obama a one term president. Since that’s no longer an issue my hope is we get some congressional help in fixing the economy, unemployment and the environment.

Oh, yea, the environment. I don’t think this planet has 100 years left. It absolutely terrifies me.

What if scientists are correct and our planet may essentially be unlivable by 2050? What if it was universally accepted and there was nothing we could do about it? Would you childless couples still have kids, knowing the kind of world you’d bring them into? How would it effect your current day to day living, knowing that when you should be anticipating retirement you’ll instead be looking at a world no longer habitable?

We have problems with the economy and unemployment and equal rights. I wish we could solve those problems now. But my single biggest hope is Obama and congress work together to make clean energy the number one goal. They need to make it not only the US’s priority, but to gather support from around the globe. We need both sides of the isle to let the dangers of climate change known to the public. Doubters need to be shamed and silenced and called out for their stupidity.

This is bigger than anything the world has ever faced and action needs to start now.