#99 – Sick Puppies – All the Same (2006)

#99 – Sick Puppies – All the Same (2006)

First Heard: 2006

Why it’s on the List: For most of the ’00s I didn’t listen to the radio. It was only because of Sirius Satellite Radio I got back into it in ’06 and ’07. It was a good move. I only heard of bands like Saosin, Paramore, Mickey Avalon and Damone because of their awesome Alt rock channel.

Another such band was the Sick Puppies. One night I was returning home from my main dude Brian’s place when All the Same came on the radio. Solid lyrics, good hooks, easy to get into vocalist. Loved the song immediately. The only negative was a little screaming hickup in the middle that I’ve never come around to.

I got home, checked the Youtube and came upon this gem.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpzkHhgcZG4?rel=0&w=560&h=345]

The Sick Puppies would later release an official music video, and I was hooked. Embedding is disabled for the video, and that’s unfortunate. Why? It features the really fucking hot Emma Anzai.

Emma Anzai

They’ve had some success since then. I’m a fan of their song, “My World”, but I can’t say I’ve really gotten into their other stuff.

Still, All the Same is a great modern rock tune.

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