#96 – Good Riddance – Think of Me (1996)

#96 – Good Riddance – Think of Me (1996)

First heard: 2001

Why it’s on the List: When I listen to Good Riddance is tough not to think about how close I came to never hearing this band.

I was in my dorm during my sophomore year of college. We used to watch a skate show on OLN, before it became Versus. A big reason why was the rad music. One night I was checking it out when I heard the opening to what would soon become a very beloved song and band. It took a minute on Google to find out what it was I was listening to.

Good Riddance’s quick two minute killer track Understood was all it took for me to become a lifelong fan.

I went out and got everything they’d ever done and spent the next few months devouring their entire library. One song stood out more than the others. I remember being home for the summer, up in my room, zoning out to A Comprehensive Guide To Modern Rebellion when Think of Me came on. Just an unreal tune. Like everything else Good Riddance did it was quick as a machine gun and had outstanding, simple lyrics. But where most of their stuff is social and political, this one was about a girl. Of course I was going to love it. I probably listened to it twenty times in row.

I don’t listen to GR as often anymore. Their stuff got too political, too anti-government for my tastes. My favorites will always be Ballads From the Revolution era GR, and this classic.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmhrmS6sK7U?rel=0&w=420&h=345]

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