#93 – Damone – Overchay With Me (acoustic) – (2003)

#93 – Damone – Overchay With Me (acoustic) – (2003)

First heard: 2006

Why it’s on the list: One of the simpler songs from what is probably one of the simpler bands I really like.

I first heard Damone in 2006 when Out Here All Night got some run on Sirius’s alt-channel. A sucker for female fronted rock bands, I downloaded their two albums and loved each one.

The difference between the two is huge. Out Here All Night is heavy, well produced and radio friendly. Noelle sounds worlds more mature, like she and Damone could stack up with any of the 80’s hair-metal bands they aspire to be.

From the Attic doesn’t sound anywhere close. They sound like a garage band that put out a bunch of fun demos. It totally works.

Overchay with Me, the acoustic version, is a b-side to one of the songs on that album. I love its simplicity, Noelle’s voice and the lyrics. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times in the last five years and whenever I do it reminds me of Wausau.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkwVMW-tXNk?rel=0&w=420&h=345]

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