Had dinner tonight with some girl friends of mine. They’re nosey and I tell them everything, so the subject of my recent object of affection came up. I wanted their perspective on the dating thing and I didn’t even have to ask. One asked almost immediately:

“You asked her out?” and she was serious, continued, “How does that go?”

“I had gotten to know her, asked her out, got her number, called a few days later…” I said.

She looked legitimately confused.

“So you asked her out…on a date?”

She dismissed me like I was speaking fucking sputnik. I also knew exactly why.

“Look” I said, “I’m not saying it’s the best way to go. My best relationships started after a night of drinking and fucking.”

They lit up in agreement. For the next hour we traded dating horror stories. Not a single relationship began with a date. We all agreed that dating is the fucking worst.

I’m honestly more confused about this than anything I’ve been in a while.

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