#80 – The Outfield – Your Love

#80 – The Outfield – Your Love

Does a song deserve to be on here if I’ve listened to the covers more than the original?

Look, I love the original. It’s one of those 80s classics that no one dislikes. Fire it up at a party right now and you’re going to see people singing along. That’s pretty damn impressive, considering we’re talking about a band that no one else can identify a song from. The Outfield came and went, and twenty years later everyone decided to cover their hit.

My indoctrination came with Midtown’s version. Then I heard the Less than Jake version. Then the Wycleff slow-down. A couple years later it was Katy Perry. Most recently it’s been Bon Iver.

I’ve listened to this song hundreds of times, from various artists and bands. It’s a fantastic tune that holds up, regardless of the version. I could have made a case for it being forty spots higher. But here’s the original, enjoy.

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