One long, slow trainwreck

1) You ever start a movie and almost instantly know it’s gonna be one of your favorites? WALL-E was one. Garden State was another.

500 Days of Summer absolutely is. It’s awesome. Almost immediately I’m seeing myself and my friends in these two characters. It’s impossible not to. Either you’ve been one of these people or you know one of these people. Maybe you’ve been both. I know I have.

I’m trying to write while watching it. It’s 1:00 am and I might be keeping the neighbors and my brother up with my laughter. The scene with the Hall and Oats song is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

On the other-hand, I’m someone who can’t stand to watch embarrassing situations. Or train-wrecks you can see coming a mile away. Or anything that reminds me of a time when I was not-awesome and I look back at myself horrified. There are a shit-ton of scenes like this. Like pretty much to the point where I had to turn my head and plug my ears.

I know, I’m a dope.

1b) I can’t believe the sister from Almost Famous is now this super famous actress depicting everything that frustrates and demolishes men like me.

1c) There can’t be much left of this movie. I don’t know how it can possibly end in a way that doesn’t leave me completely and utterly fucking hopeless and depressed. That said, 500 Days is still super awesome.

1d) OK, it just ended and I’m grinning like a bastard.



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