We interupt your regularly scheduled blog

So I was balls deep into a blog about the last five days and it was going well. I’ll have it done tomorrow.

But I ran into a thread on PCs vs Macs and to my dying day I’ll defend the motherfuck out of my favorite little machines.

Here was what the instigator said:

its a trend to get a mac… i see so many people with them and all they use them for is word processing and surfing the internet. if you have the money, why not? but you can easily do that stuff with a PC for 1/2 the price.

My reply:

I’ve seen that excuse for ten years. That buying a mac is a trendy thing to do. At what point does it stop being a trend? As for the reason people wouldn’t go with a PC, I think most would prefer not having to worry about malware, spyware and viruses killing their machine.

His reply:

being a fashion statement is not an excuse, its just something ive simply observed. why spend an extra $1000 for a prettier screen if you’re going to be doing the same things. as for the malware, spyware and viruses, i’ve had a few problems on my pc with them, but it’s never anything i couldn’t fix. i take care of my computers… as for the general population, maybe they don’t.

every single future project moving forward will be intel base required. this includes the later versions of Xcode (which i primarily use for apps)… i know there are work arounds, but if you’ve ever done any app programming, you’d know certificate issues and approval from the apple store can be a real pain… having a tinkered with copy of xcode just complicates things tremendously more.

anyways my main point wasn’t to compare the older macs with the newer one, it was to simply state that macs are VERY expensive and to the average person, you can handle all your needs on a pc for half the price.

and another person jumped on…

Just look the price of any macbook… It’s a fashion statement.

And this is what killed my blog writing for tonight. This reply:

I’ve made similar posts here in the past, but I own two Macs and three PCs. Two still work as well as the day I bought them and the other three won’t boot. I can let you guess which work and which don’t.

So I ask you, what was the better investment?

Was it the Alienware laptop, the Dell laptop, the do-it-yourself PC that gave me a good six months before going to ****?

Or was it the two Macs that do everything I need and still do it as well as the day they were bought?

I’m not an idiot when it comes to computers. I worked three years as a PC repairman and computer technician while in college. In that time I must have taken a look at 120 PCs. I never looked at a single Mac. I also work as a web developer and have to do testing on a PC every day.

The bottom line is if you buy a Mac and don’t drop it you should have it for a decade or more. That’s without having to buy Norton or McAfee or download constant security patches or worry that the attachment you receive or the website you visit is going to destroy your computer.

You’re paying extra for the knowledge that your OS is light years better than what’s available on a PC, it’s more secure, more stable, less prone to depreciation and simply works more logically. But if Windows blows your skirt up, you can even dual boot.

To be honest I don’t know why the general public would waste their money on a PC. Gaming I guess? I don’t know about that.

I’m a geek. And it’s 1:42 am. Time to pop in an episode of something awesome and get in bed.

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