Music for the tortured soul

I love me a good list, so I went through my iTunes and picked out the country tunes I’d liked at one point or another. I came up with a list of 184. The vast majority were from the late 80s-early 90s. The stuff my folks played when I was younger and I grew up on. Then there’s a gap you get a handful of songs from the late 90s, stragglers that got through my wall of alt-rock. Include a band like the Dixie Chicks in this group. Then another big gap and you get to the poppish ‘country’ I started to like in the late 2000s. Ryan Adams, The Wreckers, Dustin Kensrue, Taylor Swift.

So from that list of 184 I decided I was gonna narrow it down to my top ten country tunes of all time. I made another list and went through the 184, taking any song I could conceivably see being near my Top 10. Well ho-ly-shit I wound up with 30 and they were all so awesome I decided that my top ten would be expanded by 20 tracks.

I did, however, rank ’em.

If you know anything about these tunes, you’ll probably notice a distinct theme…

1 – George Strait – I can still make Cheyanne
2 – Tracy Lawrence – Texas Tornado
3 – Keith Whitley – I’m over you
4 – Garth Brooks – The dance
5 – Little Texas – White might have been
6 – McBride & the Ride – Sacred Ground
7 – Garth Brooks – What she’s doing now
8 – Dixie Chicks – You were mine
9 – Diamond Rio – You’re gone
10 – Keith Whitley – When you say nothing at all
11 – Alan Jackson – Gone crazy
12 – Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw
13 – Tim McGraw – Don’t take the girl
14 – Trisha Yearwood – She’s in love with the boy
15 – Vince Gill – Whenever you come around
16 – Tim McGraw – It’s your love
17 – The Wreckers – Lay me down
18 – Little Texas – My love
19 – Ryan Adams – Wonderwall
20 – Sawyer Brown – All these years
21 – The Wreckers – Tennessee
22 – John Michael Montgomery – How was I to know
23 – Jow Diffie – Night to remember
24 – Vince Gill – Trying to get over you
25 – Clint Black – Still holding on
26 – Patty Loveless – You don’t even know who I am
27 – Ty Herndon – A man holding on to a woman letting go
28 – The Wreckers – The good kind
29 – Shania Twain – The woman in me
30 – Toby Keith – You shouldn’t kiss me like this

By my count, eight of the top ten are about a relationship that’s done. 20 of the thirty. It’s music for the broken-hearted, no joke.

That said, it’s so fucking good. I haven’t listened to the majority of these tunes in many years and giving this PL a listen now it’s easy to see why I loved them all in the first place.

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