Writing doesn’t suck

So it’s been about a week since the last entry and while I’ve had things to write about, I run hot and cold. One minute I’m amped about something and the words can’t wait to come out. Five minutes later I’m off the ledge and it just doesn’t seem worth it.

Last weekend I twice went out with friends. On Saturday night on the way home I was in a shitty mood and wanted to get it out on here. I got home, turned on a replay of the ball game, checked FB and lost interest.

It bugs me because I know that what I didn’t write is probably now gone.

Yesterday I needed find an old file on my machine I use for work. Searching through my docs (I’m a digital pack-rat. I saved everything I typed in college. I’ve got shit from high school and IMs from when ICQ was new. I still have the first mp3 I ever downloaded – Sneaker Pimps – 6Underground, well over a decade ago).

But I came upon blogs and entries from my time in Wausau. Until yesterday I hadn’t looked at what I’d written in over two years and I got a serious kick out of it. It wasn’t like a lot of it was anything special. Just day to day observations, interactions with people, my times with friends, romantic interests and thoughts on current events.

Nothing earth shattering.

But it was all stuff that had faded with time. Although only two years removed, some of the things that made me grateful for meeting the people I did over in Wausau were tough to recall. But reading the words I’d written back then brought it all back.

• I could remember Dave’s hilarious philosophy on infidelity.

• How thankful I was to own a cat when I had to take Frank’s dog for a walk the week he was out of town.

• Louie letting me in on the scandalous and sordid happenings going on in Internet Marketing and then dying of laughter once I was back at my desk.

• The embarrassment when Shannon told me how she almost ran me over when she saw me jogging home shirtless from Burk’s extremely early one morning (I still totally miss that Ataris’s tee).

• Haaaaavvvvvve you met Brian?”

• The exact way I felt when I knocked on Jess’s door, how nervous I was and being floored with the way she looked when she opened it.

The point is this: a picture isn’t worth a thousand words. At least not with the way I write.

You can take a million photos and they’re good to bring you a smile, but I can guarantee they won’t do your experiences justice. If you want to relive the times in your life you want to remember, write. Even if they seem like insignificant observations at the time, put them in a text document and save ’em. Months and years later you’ll read through them and they’ll unlock memories you’d long forgotten. You’ll laugh, cry, get pissed but most importantly you’ll remember.

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