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Oh hai Johnny!

Last year, via the internets, I read about a crummy little indie flick called The Room. I was looking at a list of the worst movies of all time, and The Room made it. Comments made below the article backed it up, though not in a, “Avoid this film at all costs” kinda way. The overwhelming majority thought that it was maybe the one movie everyone should see before they die.

I’m hear to back that up.

The Room, as wikipedia describes it:

This independently produced film has been called “the Citizen Kane of bad movies” by some critics. Although the film’s star, writer, producer and director Tommy Wiseau has claimed it to be a black comedy, other actors involved in the production believe it was supposed to be a melodramatic romance. Its bizarre lines, protracted sex scenes, nonsensical exterior shots, and infamous use of green-screen for “outdoor” rooftop scenes, are so laughable that it has gained a cult status, and regularly sells out midnight viewings at theaters in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

It’s one thing for a movie to be laughably bad. It’s another to gain such a cult following that viewings turn into events. The midnight screenings started years ago in LA and have popped up all over the world. Thanks to blogs and Youtube, going to a midnight showing is like going to a party with dozens of strangers set on one common goal: ridiculing the holy shit out of this film. People yell insults, toss plastic cutlery at the screen during scenes in which an infamous piece of artwork appears, dress as the characters and even play football in the isles.

A Viewer’s Guide to The Room.

A friend and I went last Saturday in Uptown Minneapolis. It was, perhaps, the most fun I’ve ever had. From the moment the movie started until after the credits rolled, the whole movie was a blast. Tears rolled down my face from laughing so hard. I had absolutely no inhibitions about yelling every chance I got. The amazing thing? I was stone-sober. I can’t imagine what this film will be like when I’m drunk.

I can’t stress how much you absolutely need to check this film out. Get on Netflix or Amazon and watch it at home first, preferably with other friends. Mock the movie senseless. Revel in how absurdly bad it is. Then get on Google, find out when it’s playing in a nearby major market and go with some people. I’m absolutely going again, likely as early as next month. I’ve spread the gospel of The Room to co-workers and friends and we’ve got a growing number who are set to make the trip to Uptown again in October. Interested? HOLLA.

Oh hai, Mark.

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