#64 – Denver Harbor – Satisfied

Oh man, I remember the moment I found out about these guys, I just about lost it.

I used to love Fenix-Tx back in the day. I’ve never been a fan of a more simple, mindless band but you would be hard-pressed to find a band I listened to more when I was 18 years old. They released two albums and I played the motherfucking shit out of both.

Fast forward about five years. I hadn’t listened to a new album of theirs in years and they were mostly off my radar. I was sitting in a computer lab, browsing the net because I was a college student and too broke to afford to internet of my own.

On some comp CD I’d bought I played this song. I’d never heard of Denver Harbor before but the voice and music was unmistakable. A quick search confirmed when I’d figured out. Fenix-TX had changed their sound, changed their label and changed their name.

This song is awesome. I played it at least a hundred times that summer. I still put in on a playlist every now and then. That said, it’s the only DH song I know because if I recall, the rest off their stuff is sort of forgettable. Oh well. The way things go, right?

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