#7 – Course of Nature – Caught in the Sun

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbbEV7w4acA&w=420&h=315]

It only occurs to me now that my top ten isn’t going to include anything critically or culturally relevant, with the possible exception of the song coming in at #6. There isn’t anything from the Beatles or Zepplin or The Who or The Arcade Fire or Bon Iver. Most of these are relatively unknown songs, some of which aren’t even considered the artist’s best. But for whatever they struck a chord with me.

My love for this tune comes via one of my first college girlfriends. Like most of them back then we came together because we loved the same kind of music. She wasn’t into the hardcore or Fat Wreck stuff I was (nobody was) but she loved Drive Thru and alt-rock and that was good enough for me. When we started dating we’d send each other tunes the other hadn’t heard, and Caught in the Sun was one of the first she’d sent me.

I didn’t think it was some mind-blowing tune but I did really like it. This song gets big points for longevity. I first heard it in 2002 and I’m still listening to it today.

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