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#100 – Foo Fighters – Everlong (1997)

#100 – Foo Fighters – Everlong (1997)

First Heard: 1999

Why it’s on the list: I remember hearing it for the first time in the summer of ’99, working as a computer technician for my local school district. I used to go from school to school, classroom to classroom updating, fixing and inventorying computers.

I used to bring a radio with me, setting it in the hallway while I worked the rooms. I remember the exact place I was when Everlong came on. One of the DECA computer labs, afternoon. I was listening to 104.1 back when 104.1 was good.

Many of the songs on this list will be total cheese. Nothing special on an artistic level, neither deep nor meaningful. A lot of these I’ll understand if you don’t like them. Everlong isn’t one of those songs. You have to like it. It’s completely brilliant modern rock music.

The only reason it isn’t much higher on the list is I’ve grown out of my Foo Fighters phase and rarely listen to them anymore. If they made more songs like Everlong I wouldn’t be able to say that.


Favorite 100 Songs of All-Time

So almost ten years ago I ranked my all time favorite songs. I seem to remember it taking a lot of time. I decided to update that list this weekend, and it took considerably less time.

I wanted my top 100. The process involved going through about 9000 songs and selecting any song I thought could remotely have a chance at making it. That took an hour and I got about 500 candidates.

Then I went through that list and picked out my sure things. The ones I knew would make the top 100. Low and behold I got 103.

I ranked them all, dropped the bottom three (SORRY ZERO 7, WARREN G AND THE DEFTONES!) and I had my ranking.

Now comes the fun part.

Most of your favorite songs tell a story. The remind you of something, a memory, a time in your life. Most (again) of that holds true on my list. In many instances I remember where I was when I first heard each of these songs. Some times I don’t, but they bring me back to a time in my life where I couldn’t stop listening. Some of these songs are just my classics that have stuck with me for my 30 plus years on this planet. Whatever the reason they made the list, I’m going to try and explain why.