Favorite 100 Songs of All-Time

So almost ten years ago I ranked my all time favorite songs. I seem to remember it taking a lot of time. I decided to update that list this weekend, and it took considerably less time.

I wanted my top 100. The process involved going through about 9000 songs and selecting any song I thought could remotely have a chance at making it. That took an hour and I got about 500 candidates.

Then I went through that list and picked out my sure things. The ones I knew would make the top 100. Low and behold I got 103.

I ranked them all, dropped the bottom three (SORRY ZERO 7, WARREN G AND THE DEFTONES!) and I had my ranking.

Now comes the fun part.

Most of your favorite songs tell a story. The remind you of something, a memory, a time in your life. Most (again) of that holds true on my list. In many instances I remember where I was when I first heard each of these songs. Some times I don’t, but they bring me back to a time in my life where I couldn’t stop listening. Some of these songs are just my classics that have stuck with me for my 30 plus years on this planet. Whatever the reason they made the list, I’m going to try and explain why.



Tonight I had my golf league. When I finished the last hole I noticed a crowded parking lot and a lot of people staring at me. Most were high school aged wearing sky blue clothing. I figured out what was going on but I asked anyway.

“What’s going on here” I asked a group of kids.

“Football banquet” one of them said.

“What school?” I replied.

“North” the kid replied.

“Is your coach around?” I asked.

“Nope. Just left” he said.

I paused.

“What a shithead…” I said as I walked away and into the restauant.

While I was walking away I heard one of the players say, “Wow. He even talks like Coach.”

When I got to the bar inside things became weirder. I had people getting my attention and raising their glasses. Then they took closer looks and I could see their confusion take over. Some just went with it. A woman in a side booth went from “Hey the coach is back!” to “Wait…what?”

My brother and I apparently look identical. I’ve been out and had high school kids and parents approach my to talk football. Tonight, my brother just so happened to schedule a player/family pot-luck at the same place I play golf on Thursday nights. Hilarity didn’t ensue.

I spent the next hour talking shitty high school football, players I didn’t care about, a schedule I didn’t know, explaining why I wasn’t also coaching ( I HAVE A JOB, ASSHOLE).

[sarcasm]I’m sure this will ease up once the season starts and they again see me in the stands.[/sarcasm]


So one benefit of biking an hour or more seemingly every day for the last four months is I can eat whatever the hell I want. While I’m cooking and grilling less this summer than in the past, the last week has seen some good eats.

I finally grilled my perfect steak. Here’s a ribeye with gorgonzola and chopped basil. Asparagus on the side.

A couple weeks ago I made a dish called juevos barbacoa con salsa. It’s a tortilla with shredded beef, a pepper sauce and eggs on top.

I used a six pound pork shoulder, added spices, mirepoix, rosemary and thyme.

Popped it in the over at 300° for five hours.

For the sauce I roasted anaheim, poblano and serano chiles for a few minutes under a broiler. Removed the skins and put them in the blender with some extra virgin olive oil and kosher salt. The result was hella hot but tasty.

Fried the tortilla, added the pepper sauce, shredded beef and two sunny side up eggs.

The friend I cooked for called it phenomenal. I thought it was good, but when I make it again I’m going to marinate the meat and add a rub. That would put it over the top.

Last weekend I brined two chickens for 24 hours in salt, sugar, thyme, rosemary and pickling spice. The next day I patted them dry and added a rub of cumin, oregano, garlic power, granulated onion, brown sugar, sea salt, black pepper, paprika and cayenne and let them refrigerate for 24 hours. The next evening I shoved a beer up their asses and grilled them over indirect heat for an hour and a half.

When they came out they looked like this.

When I cut into the birds, it was like opening a dam. The meat was insanely juicy and I’d never had chicken so flavorful.

Last night was the most basic of dishes, but it turned out pretty excellent. It was a version of truffled egg toast, minus the truffle oil. I couldn’t find it in any of the stores I checked out, so I used almond oil instead.

Took a slice of italian bread, created a bowl in the center with my fingers and added two egg yolks. Around the yolks I layered havarti cheese. On top of that went a teaspoon of the almond oil. In the pan it went until the bread was toasted and the cheese was melted.

Some cracked black pepper when it was done and the result is something I’m going to crave on Sunday mornings.

We’re fucked.

Lately one phrase has been echoing in my head more than any other.

“We’re fucked. We’re all completely fucked.”

I once assumed I’d grow up, have a family, watch my kids and their kids, retire and live quietly until I died. Now? I question whether it’s even a responsible act to bring another human into this world.

Global warming is playing hell with our environment, and as a result we’re frequently seeing stronger storms and natural disasters.

The population continues to rise exponentially, mostly due to people who absolutely have no business reproducing.

The global economy is in ruins.

In the US, the government has never been more partisan and radicals are controlling the legislative agenda. “Smart” has ceased to be something we ask in our politicians. Indeed, smart has turned into a negative. Half the country wants someone more plain spoken, more religious, more white and to hell with their intelligence level.

This lunatic could be our next president
. Not that it probably matters. I voted for a liberal democrat and he turned into a republican the day he took office.

The rich are getting richer and what’s left of the middle class is disappearing.

Unemployment remains high.

Our stock market – what’s left of it – is getting smoked.

We’re still battling a war that should have never started in the first place.

We’re going to run out of oil in my lifetime.

The rest of the world hates us, probably rightfully so.

It seems to me that having a child now may be one of the most selfish acts a person can do. We’re fucked right now. Imagine life for that child when they’re our age.